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Day 1 Imprint male eagle

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This eagle came to Vickie before being hard-pinned with his left leg broken in two places and a broken back and, therefore, was paralyzed. After surgery he lay on his chest for weeks but suddenly stood up one day. He was placed in a large flight chamber with other eagles, showed extreme aggressiveness, along with full on imprint behavior, attacking keepers for food.

Yesterday Cordi and I cuffed up the small imprint male eagle. We tried cuffing him once already but seeing that he is such a small bird the cuffs that I had were too big way too big. So we regrouped and tried again yesterday. This morning when I looked in on him he had pulled one cuff off. Well, actually, the grommet failed and that’s how he got it off. So, with a new cuff and grommet in place and him sitting on my arm, I unhooded him. Yesterday he fed off the fist after about 10 minutes and today he fed faster and with little regard to the things around him. I will weigh him tomorrow; my guess is he’s about 6 lbs.

This is a very small eagle that does show strong imprint behavior and has attacked me while bringing food. At this point he may not be safe to free fly, let alone hunt. However, if I can channel his aggression towards hunting he could be a great bird but that remains to be seen. Oh, and he strikes and bites!

Hope all is well